Camel Rides

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According to legend, camels are the old Rolls Royce of the desert. In the beginning, people would trade items or move them from one location to another using camels. Safaris with camels are always done in caravans, or groups. Camels are called 'ship of the desert' for a reason. One of the reasons is that they can withstand the ferocious winds of the desert. These magnificent creatures were very weak and a part of the Arabic heritage because of their strength to travel great miles without food or water.

You can experience how early settlers traversed each emirate in search of a new location for habitation and trade by choosing a traditional means of transportation on a camel. The beauty lies in observing the shape of golden sand dunes changing at every turn. Mesaieed offers some unique camel ride tours in its deserted areas. 

Camel ride tours in Mesaieed 

  • Sealine Beach Road, Mesaieed Qatar, has a local camel camp where you get a chance to ride a camel. These camps also offer a thrilling experience with camel rides at night. Stop for tea to spot Saudi Arabia over the horizon, and admire your -sun-soaked surroundings. Relax during the journey after a long camel ride. 
  • There is nothing quite as exhilarating as an adventure trip to the singing sand dune desert on a camel and hearing the sand dunes sing. While the camels walk, the sand dunes sing. Unwind with a soothing, sound healing treatment offered in this desert. Tibetan Singing Bowls are utilized in music therapy, sound healing, and meditation by the people who provide therapy to visitors. Be amazed by the sand dunes' shapes changing. Every time the wind blows, these shapes change. - --Click beautiful shots from your camera, especially around dawn and dusk.
  • Go for a camel ride excursion in Sarab camp. Sarab Camp is a conventional Arabian camping village with contemporary conveniences. It is situated in a conveniently accessible area where the sand meets the sea. It encourages tourists to experience real Qatari life, where they can opt for camel riding, camping, dining, barbecuing, and taking pictures of the falcons. 
  • Climb onto the back of a camel to experience the desert that ascends from Doha towards the Inland Sea to complete your thrilling day. See the famous inland sea on the border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia while you ride a camel in this connecting desert.
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Address of Camel Rides

Mesaieed, Qatar

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