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The Old Town of Marseille is a fantastic, historically rich area that is just to the north of the Vieux Port and is home to sun-baked cafés, secret squares, and an artsy atmosphere.


Explore La Maison Diamantée, a beautiful 16th-century civil palace with a facade adorned with diamond facets:

It brings to mind the long-gone ancient city and the aristocracy mansions centered on the sea and commerce. Since 1925, its staircase and facade have been recognized as historical landmarks, making it a must-see attraction in Marseille.

Understand why The Vieille Charité is, without a doubt, Le Panier's crown jewel:

The building, designed by Marseille-born architect Pierre Paul Puget and built between 1671 and 1749, was initially intended to house the city's poor. Today, a cultural center, research facilities, museums, and art galleries are housed in Marseille's architectural masterpiece.

The most fascinating exhibit, however, is called 'tre femme à l'époque grecque' and is located on the ground floor of the building.

Go for a walk up La Canebière:

The Champs-Elysée in Marseille once represented the wealth, aspirations, and pride of the harbor's former life as a colonial trading center.

Today, it is a busy street humming with activity day and night.

Where once it was suffocated by grand hotels and elegant Haussmannian townhouses preferred by prosperous traders, the boulevard is now adorned with kebab shops and discount stores.

Everyone in Marseille takes this path, so you should take it for a unique and revitalizing experience!

Pay respects and ask for blessings at the Cathedrale de la Major in France:

It would help if you visited the Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Marseille Cathedral, which dominates the La Joliette wharves. The cathedral is the largest structure built since the Middle Ages.

On Napoleon III's instructions, it was constructed in the 19th century.

The cathedral is still a well-known regional and national landmark with a rich religious, cultural, and historical background.

Indulge in regional food that will leave you speechless at the flavor:

There is no better way to end a day in Marseille than with a well-deserved meal from the Mediterranean. The cathedral is only five minutes from Le Petit Nice, arguably Marseille's best restaurant, owned by Gérald Passédat.

This hotel's ground-floor restaurant, which has three Michelin stars and a view of the ocean, serves delicious food with a tonne of creativity and culinary skill.

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