Mur des Canuts

Le Mur des Canuts is a massive mural representing everyday life in Lyon's La Croix-Rousse district. This gigantic mural, which is hyperrealistic in design and packed with meticulous details, is regarded as one of Europe's most significant public art exhibitions. CitéCréation, a mural painting collective, first created the artwork in 1987 to honor the neighborhood's history. During the nineteenth century, La Croix-Rousse was the economic nerve center of Lyon's silk industry.

Although La Croix-Rousse is no longer a swarm of silk weaving activity, the neighborhood nevertheless enjoys being known as ''the hill that works.'' This tenacity drove La Croix-silk Rousse's workers to revolt against the silk merchants in 1831, opposing their severe working circumstances.

The mural has been updated twice since its debut, initially in 1997 and again in 2013, to keep up with the neighborhood's changes. The mural is loaded with vibrant houses, pastel-colored high windows, stone stairs, a small theater Guignol, and, of course, a silk shop. The painting's scenery also includes some Croix-routines or residents of La Croix-Rousse.

This changing painted wall depicts Croix-Rousse, the region of Canuts, silk weavers in the nineteenth century. There are typical neighborhood structures with big windows and ceilings 4m high to support the looms.

Several nods to Lyon culture are also present, such as a little theater Guignol or velo'v, and self-service Lyonnais bikes. A central stairway allows you to climb the hill between the district's high buildings, giving the overall sensation of depth.

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Address of Mur des Canuts

Boulevard des Canuts, 69004, Lyon, France

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