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Lahore, the capital of Pakistan, is known as the city of gardens because it has a lot of parks and other open, natural areas. Jilani Park, one of Lahore's most well-known parks, will be the subject of this article's focus. In Lahore, Jilani Park, formerly called Racecourse Park, is situated on Jail Road. It continues to thrive as the nation's top horse-racing track and was formerly known to offer itself to hosting the horse show for a few days each year. It is Lahore's most popular park due to its location. People from all around the city frequent there for entertainment and pleasure, especially on the weekends. The 88 acres of land that make up the park contain a lot more than just open spaces. Jilani Park is one of the most well-liked locations for people looking for fascinating outdoor activities because it has a cricket field, a waterfall, and several other amenities. Lake:

Jilani Park's lake is one of its primary draws. For the guests, the availability of boats is a treat. You have a choice between riding in a motorboat and trying out a paddleboat. Waterfall:

Jilani Park features a waterfall of its own. In the sweltering summer heat, the cool, glittering water of this waterfall frequently provides respite for sore eyes. Gardens:

200 trees and more than 80000 flowers and plants can be found in this gorgeous garden. Nearly 200 of these pricey, scarce plants are imported from abroad. Organiser Jilani Park.

Polo Lounge:

The eatery Polo Lounge serves mouthwatering specialties from Lahore. However, McDonald's is close to Jilani Park for those who enjoy quick food. Jogging Tracks:

Locals like this park's well-built track for morning or evening jog even though there are other parks nearby. The tourists get a fantastic experience thanks to the tranquil landscape of trees and flowers along the jogging path. LABARD Festival: An annual festival for special kids is organized in Jilani Park by the Lahore Businessmen Association for the Rehabilitation of Disabled (LABARD). Many people with disabilities attend this event and take part in the entertainment just like other, healthy members of the public. Spring Festival:

Every year, a Spring Festival is held, during which flowers and plants are on show. The event begins in late February and lasts through mid-March. Anyone and everyone are welcome to visit and take in the stunning display of flowers in all different colors. The spring season in Lahore is capped off by this festival.

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Address of Jilani Park

Jail Road in front of the Services Hospital, Lahore, Punjab Province, Pakistan

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