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Narayanhiti Palace Museum is a former opulent palace that served as the residence of Nepal's rulers. Throughout its existence, the palace has been present for several significant historical events. It can be found in the vicinity of Thamel, to the east of the famous Kaiser Mahal. 

The name Narayanhiti is made up of two different words: the first, 'Narayan,' refers to the Hindu god known as 'Lord Vishnu,' and the second, 'Hiti,' means 'water spout' in the local language.

The name's significance may be traced back to the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which can be found directly across the street from the main royal complex.

Things to do at Narayanhiti Palace Museum:

  • Witness some of the sights along the way, such as the throne room and the reception halls:

The Palace can be divided into three distinct sections: the state wing, the guest wing, and the private wing. The 52 chambers, also known as sadan, are each named after one of Nepal's 75 districts. In addition to this, a water spout is located on the eastern side of the main entry, giving the entrance even more significance.

Examine the Palace's interior, designed in designs popular during the late Victorian era.

  • Discover the history of the royal family at the Narayanhiti Palace Museum, which was formerly a private estate:

The gorgeous palace was formerly adorned with stately furniture, works of art, ornaments, and other symbols of the royal family's extravagant lifestyle, all of which may now be seen on display in the jaw-dropping museum.

  • Walk around in the galleries that maintain the pristine old world charm:

Visit the reception hall known as Kaski Sadan, which was once used by the Shah Monarchs of Nepal to host audiences for politicians and to administer oaths to the Prime Minister and the heads of constitutional authorities for the kingdom.

The throne room, also known as Gorkha Baithak, is situated directly above Kaski Baithak and serves as the focal point of the entire palace.

Dolpa Sadan is located to the right of the Gorkha Baithak and serves as a place for unwelcome guests of the royal family to observe the goings-on in the Gorkha Baithak through a viewing mirror that only works in one direction.

During the court festivities of the Narayanhiti durbar, which took place in Dhanusha Baithak, the king bestowed honors on his subjects.

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Address of Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Narayanhiti Path, Kathmandu, Nepal

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