Idrisid Houses

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Are you a fan of the past? Then stop deliberating and go visit this historic place in Sabya, which is around 38 kilometers from Jazan. These homes, which were built between 1906 and 1934 AD, bring to mind a bygone age. They belonged to the Idrisid Emirate of Asir at the time of their construction. The history of the Idrisid Monuments begins before the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when Muhammed bin Ali Al Idrisi resided there in 1338 while in charge of Sabya.

Because it was one of the original centers of the initial planning of the Islamic civilization's architecture in Asia and the rest of the globe, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved religious holiness for possessing the two Holy Mosques. It has been affected by earlier civilizations and arts, some of which are local and some of which are not. Islam's early beliefs, which rejected all facets of worldly life since it is merely a place to work, did not place a high priority on the arts. And as a result, art is now merely a supplementary functional component.

A clear picture of the urban style that predominated in the province at the time, as well as the construction and decoration techniques used at the time, can be seen in the monuments of residences and castles, some of which are good and others not so good, but which nonetheless include the mosque and the Tuhami Stone House.

  • Wall Arts of the Houses:

Plastering wall art had reached a more advanced stage during the Sassanid Persian era, when it was used to cover most of the walls, both internally, such as the Mihrab (the prayer chamber), the linings of arches, the ceilings, and the inner walls, and externally, such as the facades of the minarets, the entries, and the door and window openings. The Seljuk Turks then improved it by adding more plant branches. You can still witness these plastering wall arts, in the Idrisid Houses.

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Sabya 85534, Jazan, Saudi Arabia

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