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In 1982, the PAKISTAN NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ETHNOLOGY (HERITAGE MUSEUM), which had previously been known as the Folk Art Museum, was built with a covered space of around twenty thousand (20,000) square feet. However, in 2004, following some upgrades and renovations, the museum was renamed the Pakistan National Museum of Ethnology, also known as the Heritage Museum.

Things to do at Lok Virsa Museum:

  • Explore authentic and typical artform here:

The fact that the history and living traditions of the people from Pakistan, both from the most populated parts of the country and the most outlying regions, are displayed in the Heritage Museum. It is the largest museum in Pakistan thanks to its covered area of 60,000 square feet, including exhibit rooms, and it houses various artifacts.

  • Embrace indigenous art and craft:

Crafts and architectural facades made from mosaics, tiles, ivory, bone, and marble are displayed in the Folk Heritage Museum along with other items such as pottery, statues, handmade jewelry, embroidered fabrics, block printed fabrics, wooden and metallic craftwork, mirror work, and wooden and metallic craftwork. Most of Pakistan's museums are dedicated to archaeology and relics from the country's colonial past. It proudly shows cultural crafts and traditional artwork from all of Pakistan's provinces, in addition to the music and history of each location.

  • Learn about generations of the past:

This is a museum for the people of Pakistan, who are the true keepers of cultural traditions and are what makes Pakistan the exceptional nation that it is today. The fundamental goal of Lok Virsa is to educate and enlighten the current generation of Pakistanis and those who will come after them, as well as to build a treasure house for the country more valuable than the vault of any bank in the world.

  • Participate in events and gatherings that educate and entertain:

Lok Virsa is responsible for developing the Lok Virsa Museum and managing all of the events and exhibits on the grounds. In addition, the museum features a research center, a media center, a library, and a gift shop for visitors to peruse.

  • Browse the literary resources available here:

The Heritage Library is next to the museum and houses more than 30,000 books, manuscripts, journals, and research papers. These materials give citizens, students, and academics the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Pakistan's cultural history and heritage. Additionally, it is the location of approximately 200 books published by the Lok Virsa on related subjects. There are also audio recordings of folk music and classical music that can be found here.

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Address of Lok Virsa Museum

Garden Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan

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