Palace of the Dukes

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The Palace of the Dukes is a significant building that may be found in the middle of the historic district in Dijon. It is a stunning and majestic building with a long history full of kings and queens, tombs, and political intrigue. The past is intermingled with the construction itself.

At the moment, it is used as the site of a fine arts museum, showcasing an extensive collection of works of art and an in-depth palace history.


Journey through the ebb and flow of time as you take in works of art and architecture that convey a wealth of meaning:

Find your way to the Liberation Area and take in the stunning view of the palace that encompasses a sizeable chunk of the plaza's northern side when you get there.

A portion of the palace's gothic architecture dates back to the 14th century, when Philip the Bold, the ruler of the Duchy of Burgundy, stayed there. Make sure you take the time to admire this portion of the palace's history.

Immerse yourself in the aesthetic qualities afforded by its many facets.

Take photographs of the spectacular structure, ensuring that each shot's fountains are the primary center of interest. While you are perusing the collections of things that once belonged to the dukes, you can get knowledge of the lengthy and glorious history of the palace.

After the sun has set, it will radiate a golden light, so be sure to see it.

After passing past the gates, you should take some time to explore the building, and once you're done, head to the Museum of Fine Arts.

Discover the many fascinating things it offers, such as its collection of antiquities and pieces of art from the Renaissance, and spend some time looking around.

Take some time to learn about regional influences:

It would help if you invited several family members to a lesson where they can learn more about the development of acrylics and the history of art.

Attend lectures, spend some time in the library, and don't rush around the palace's opulent passageways; you'll want to take your time.

Explore the neighborhood:

While in the neighborhood, stop by the Magnin Museum and some restaurants and businesses nearby.

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    2 hours

Address of Palace of the Dukes

1 Place de la Liberation, 21000, Dijon France

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