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Shedding light on the magnificent history of the country, the Heritage Stand stands out as the top-most historical place to visit in Dammam. Located on the Al Khobar Corniche, this popular Village is one of the prominent tourist attractions in the Eastern Region.

In Heritage Village, you get to know the Saudi civilization's past and present by wandering on its five-floored fortress-like building. Starting from the grand foyer and through the corridors, you will get to know Najd and its warmness. As you approach the venue, the building stands out among the modern buildings like a castle, well-lit and nicely decorated.

The building is constructed using mud like the historical times of Saudi Arabia. As implied by the name, the place's theme is Saudi heritage. In their restaurant, they offer both traditional Saudi cuisine and some other Arabic cuisine. They have both traditional floor sitting and table sitting options in their restaurants.

How to explore Heritage Village?

  • Pay a visit to the in-house mini museum's house of old weapons, swords, coins, antiquities, paper publications, mummified animals, and cars.
  • Village shops are arranged nicely where you can buy traditional clothes, pots, accessories, souvenirs, etc.
  • The Village houses a market, selling a number of locally produced items. These include incense, rosaries, spices, and handicraft.
  • As evening falls, wander the walkways of Dammam's Share Al Hob souq, where you may encounter traders, performers, and street musicians.
  • Traditional food over here serves one of the best Lahm Mandi, Damamiyah, Harira soup, and Kunafa. You can't miss out on these favorites.
  • We highly recommend trying out their lamb saleeg, their jareesh, and their lamb kabsah as a specialty dish.
  • You can find modern dishes of grilled meat prepared in a traditional way from the central regions.
  • You can dine in different private dining rooms named and decorated after many KSA cities. This makes it a wonderful experience, especially for kids who know less about other cultures.
  • Out of the many exhibitions here, the most popular one is that of King Salim's cars, which showcases a staggering variety of vehicles owned by the former King, from bicycles to two-wheelers.
  • Offer prayers at the prayer rooms of the Heritage village.
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Address of Heritage Village

Corniche Walk Way, Ash Shati Al Gharbi, Dammam 32411, Saudi Arabia

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