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The Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a popular tourist destination for admirers of the late Tejano music icon Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. The museum is located in Corpus Christi's Molina district, where Selena grew up. The museum's exhibits are arranged in chronological order, from Selena's childhood to her tragic death at the age of 23.

The museum houses several unique mementos from Selena's life and career, such as her Grammy Awards, high school diploma, and wedding attire.

The Selena Museum is in the same building as Q-Productions, the recording facility that Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., founded. The studio is still operational, and visitors to the museum can take a tour of the facility to see where Selena recorded many of her greatest hits.

Since Selena's unfortunate death in 1995, the Quintanilla family has been actively involved in preserving her legacy and promoting her music through the museum.

The Selena Museum is a must-see for admirers of Selena and Tejano music, but it's also an excellent location to learn about the cultural significance of Tejano music and its impact on Texas.

Selena's red Porsche, which is parked in the center of the main exhibit hall, is one of the most popular displays at the museum. The car has become a symbolic representation of Selena's success. Another popular exhibit is a replica of Selena's bedroom, equipped with a pink canopy bed, posters of her favorite bands, and other personal artifacts.

Tuesday through Sunday, excluding Mondays, the museum is open. Admission fees differ based on age and residency, with discounts offered to seniors, students, and members of the military.

Things to do at the Selena Museum

Take a guided tour of the museum: The tours are led by tour guides who provide additional information about Selena's life and career, as well as the development of Tejano music. The tours typically last approximately one hour and include a visit to the recording studio and museum exhibits.

Shop for souvenirs: The museum gift shop sells a variety of Selena-themed items, including T-shirts, posters, CDs, and jewelry. It is a great spot to purchase souvenirs or presents for friends and family.

See Selena’s red Porsche: One of the most renowned things at the Selena Museum is her red Porsche. The car is a 1986 Porsche Targa that Selena bought with her own money in 1988 after she became renowned in the music world. The Porsche is parked in the middle of the museum's main show hall, where people can get close to it and take pictures. The car has been kept in its original state and has all of Selena's personal touches, like a pink interior and a license plate with her name on it.

See the Selena mural: The Selena mural is a piece of art drawn on the side of the building where the Selena Museum is located. The mural features a picture of Selena wearing her signature purple outfit among vibrant flowers and musical notes. The words 'Queen of Tejano' are written in big letters on the painting to show how important Selena was to the music genre. The mural is located on the side of the museum structure that faces Leopard Street and is visible from the street. It is an ideal Instagram-worthy moment for Selena fans.

Watch the Selena statue: The Selena statue has become an iconic spot for fans to snap pictures and pay their respects to the late singer. The statue is in the museum's courtyard, which also has a garden, a pond, and some benches.

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Address of Selena Museum

5410 Leopard St, Corpus Christi, TX 78408-2509

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