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Cairo, a thriving metropolis of over 20 million people and a longtime crossroads of cultures, is a stunning location with something new to learn about. The Egyptian capital's reputation as a must-see city has experienced a steady and solid recovery. More savvy travelers are searching the Web for inexpensive international flights to visit it.

This megacity's 22 million or more residents create a continual buzz and loudness while also raising Cairo's spirits with their extraordinary sense of humor.

Spend some time sipping tea, exploring the historic streets, and watching the sunset over the great Nile River.

The hidden riches of the city will come to light quickly. Most tourists visit Egypt's capital to experience the wonders of the ancient world and follow in the pharaohs' footsteps.

However, Cairo has two distinct personalities; its citizens cherish and celebrate their past. The historic pyramids of Giza, Dahshur, and Saqqara compete for attention with the hip bars of the Zamalek and Heliopolis neighborhoods.

In the congested streets and honking taxi cabs compete for space. Additionally, loud conversation, lounge music, and the traditional Islamic call to prayer can all be heard simultaneously. Taking the old and the new together is the only way to understand Cairo truly. Less than 20 miles separate Cairo from the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx. There are numerous additional Cairo pyramids, which may be ideal for the off-the-beaten-path traveler in you. Do you need more 'great' justifications to visit this enormous city? Then, shopping at the Khan el-Khalili souk in the old walled city's bazaar area is evocative.

A few days' worths of travel can be filled by visiting Cairo's world-class museums, historic mosques, and churches. Moreover, you have something exceptional to look forward to if you have never experienced North African or Arabian hospitality! You'll receive the warmest of welcomes and be treated like a pharaoh.

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Reasons to visit Cairo

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Helpful tips for Cairo

  • - Don't engage the vendors if you are not interested in buying. - Do wear comfortable and covered footwear. - The traffic in Cairo is chaotic, cross the roads carefully and confidently.
  • Helpful Tips for Cairo

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