Roman Baths

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A former thermae or bathhouse can be found inside the Roman city of Berytus. It was founded in 1968–1969, and the middle of the 1990s, it had a significant renovation.

One of the baths' archaeological ruins has been conserved and sometimes serves as a performance area, preserving the site's long-standing customs. A concert hall and creative performance area are located in one of the baths. The contemporary location also has Mediterranean-style gardens with a variety of medicinal plants that were formerly used to make bath balms.

Every citizen gathered in the Roman bathhouse. Roman Berytus built four significant bath facilities, thermae. The bather traveled between warm and hot tubs while passing through variously heated chambers. 

The heating system (hypocaust), which was under the floor, allowed heated air from wood fires in nearby vaults to move between pillars of terracotta disks that heated the marble floor and up via terracotta pipes in the walls to the ceiling. 

Caldarium's marble-tiled pools were fueled by water from the boiler, and the bathers' access to cool water was provided by a sizable stone basin called the labrum. After the bath, the body was massaged with healing oils.

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