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A museum dedicated to automobiles is located in Athens. The Theodore Charagionis Foundation owns it, and it debuted in March 2011. The museum is located on the top three floors of the Athenian Capitol shopping center in the heart of Athens, close to the National Archaeological Museum. There are 300 cars in the museum's collection, of which 110 are occasionally on exhibit. A Formula 1 simulator, a program teaching about driving safety, and an amphitheater are just a few of the additional amenities the museum provides.

Here are some of the highlights:

Robert Plant's 1959 Chrysler Imperial, the Led Zeppelin band's frontman

1953 personal album of Formula 1 driver Lorenzo Bandini Aurelia Lancia

1979 Cadillac Seville Gucci with interior and exterior fittings created by Gucci.

In addition to these attractions, this museum has the Museum Store, 3D theater, an eight-story underground garage with 800 parking spaces, and a central square designed in the style of a luxury resort, complete with stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. It is somewhat different from your typical trips to ancient archaeological sites here, but a visit here will introduce you to modern-day Greece.

Best things to see at the Hellenic Motor Museum:

  • The National Archaeological Museum is a short walk from the Athenian Capitol, a relatively contemporary building that houses the Hellenic Motor Museum on three floors. The museum features exhibits with significant historical value, and entry to this ongoing display is free. The automobile collection rotates and features iconic models from both still-vibrant automakers and those that are no longer in business, including Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, Dino, Siata, Bentley, Bugatti, and Delage, to mention a few.

  • Among them are vehicles driven by well-known individuals like Lorenzo Bandini, Robert Plant, and Sir Laurence Olivier. According to the date of manufacture, the vehicles in this collection are divided into the following categories: vintage, classic, antique, post-classic, veteran, modern, and contemporary. Visitors will also get the chance to visit a 20th-century auto repair shop and live the life of an F1 driver in addition to admiring the aforementioned exhibits.

  • The museum also has a conference room and a location where different events can be held, including parties, marriages, private dinners, corporate functions, and social gatherings. Additionally, upon request, traffic instruction training programs for kids and teenagers can be set up.

  • You can also study the history of the wheel at the museum to discover how the automobile has changed over time. You may see 72 one-of-a-kind exhibits from 300 B.C. to the 20th century as you make your way up the building's spiral ramp. More than 110 distinct examples of the worldwide automobile industry are shown.
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33 - 35 Ioulianou, Athens 104 33 Greece

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