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Promoting local businesses, creative industries, and culture is a priority for the Jabal Amman Residents Association (JARA), which continues to operate Souk Jara. Situated on Fawzi Malouf Street next to the terminal of Rainbow Street, the souk was founded in 2004 to preserve the souk-style culture and give local designers and artisans a place to display their items to tourists. The entire street is flanked by stalls, inviting customers to take advantage of the fun shopping experience. Join in on the community's celebrations, which usually include live music, movie screenings, and other cultural events. It is a popular destination for locals, guests, and families to congregate. Bring your kids along; they can play in a separate area. You might find the market open on Fridays from the middle of May through the end of September. It opens at about ten in the morning and is open until after dark or later if a movie screening or other special event occurs. When strolling along this street, one might locate things frequently unavailable in stores. Here, craftspeople assemble to offer their wares for sale to the general public. This place contains everything: souvenirs, artwork, and homemade items. It allows visitors to purchase authentic, distinctive handicrafts of the best quality and experience lovely outdoor things, which are protected from the sun by hanging canvases and umbrellas. Those who appreciate cooking at home can be persuaded to purchase from the dealers of enticing spices. The market exudes friendliness, especially when customers can enjoy live music.

When it's time for lunch, stop at one of the many food vendors to purchase some Jordanian specialties. Try regional specialties, including kaek bread sandwiches, shawarma, mujadara, and fresh fruit drinks.

To access the Souk Jara, there is no fee or requirement for a ticket.

Additionally, several events are held here. Movie screenings, concerts, live music performances, local bands, magic shows, talent shows, and unforeseen happenings liven up the mood here. Additionally, music adds to the lively environment.

In markets, haggling is a typical behavior. So, remember to barter before you buy anything from the showcase.

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Address of Souk Jara

Rainbow Street, First Circle, Amman Jordan

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