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The stunning Blue Canyon of Fuheis is home to Carakale, the first microbrewery in the nation, which is situated 15 minutes west of Khalda, Amman. The creation of their Seasonal Brews or Collaborations, in addition to their well-known Flagship Brews, is a result of Carakale taking chances rather than simply playing it safe.

Since Carakale values product purity, it never adds anything to its goods, including rice, corn, enzymes, foam enhancers, chemical preservatives, or malt alternatives. It doesn't employ high-gravity brewing methods or dilute the beer with water before packing because all its beers are designed to be drunk immediately after they are packaged.

  • While taking a tour of the brewery in Fuheis, one can sample a variety of fresh draught beers in a smoke-free setting while learning more about the ingredients, the basic process of beer brewing, and the history of Carakale. One can benefit from the peace, the views, the sunset, and perhaps even the opportunity to try one of their brand-new products before anybody else, the better. They only work a limited number of hours, and the location is isolated.
  • Each Carakale Brew is made with the best ingredients imported from Europe and the United States to give an ideal blend of flavor and aroma. The handcrafted ales have a potent flavor and scent.
  • The brewing floor may be seen from the tables inside, but the terrace provides the best views of the sun setting across the valley.
  • A picnic can be a good idea since there is a barbecue.
  • Due to the rarity of food pairings with wine tastings in Jordanian vineyards, tourists with experience visiting American wineries will find the experience both familiar and unexpected.

Even if a wine tour involves drinking, local customs still apply.

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