Li Galli

Li Galli is a group of three small islands located in the Gulf of Salerno, off the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The islands are popular among tourists for their crystal-clear waters, secluded beaches, and Mediterranean vegetation. The largest of the islands, Gallo Lungo, is privately owned and serves as a luxury retreat, while the other two islands, San Pietro and La Rotonda, are home to a luxury hotel.

Li Galli has a rich history and has been inhabited by a number of different cultures over the centuries, including the Romans and the Greeks. The islands have a rich history and are believed to have been the reason for the Sirens, ancient ruins, legends of mermaids, and pirates in Greek mythology.

In the past, the islands were known for their secluded, peaceful atmosphere, attracting artists and writers such as Richard Wagner and Paul Klee. Today, the islands are still a popular retreat for those looking for a break from the city chaos. They are also home to the Li Galli Dance Academy, a prestigious institution that attracts dancers from around the world.

How to explore Li Galli?

  • The islands make them a popular destination for tourists looking to swim, kayak, snorkel, and dive. These water activities are a luxury in crystal-clear water!
  • The islands are also home to a variety of plant and animal species, including seagulls, cormorants, and Mediterranean pine trees. Wandering around the island will make you discover these animal species to a greater extent. - Go on a scuba diving adventure to see the vibrant marine life.
  • The islands are also home to a variety of seabirds. Bird watching is another activity that you can indulge in.
  • Explore the ancient ruins on the islands.
  • Going on a boat tour to see the beautiful coast of all three islands.
  • Take a hike through the island's nature trails.
  • Visit the island's small museums and learn about its history.
  • Enjoy a sunset dinner at one of the island's luxury restaurants.

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Amalfi, Italy

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