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The Uqair Beach developed into a significant port and economic hub when Saudi Arabia first existed. It is presently one of Saudi Arabia's most beautiful beaches, famed for its tropical island and unspoiled shoreline. It serves as a historic entryway to the Al Ahsa region and is situated 70 kilometers from Al-Hofuf in Al Ahsa. Al-Uqair Beach, located 25 kilometers to the north of the Fort. You will like going here to gaze at the clear, azure waters and to explore the old stronghold, which gives your day a lovely cultural boost.

The Beach also offers a unique feature: Colosseum-like contemporary buildings that were erected on the beach approximately 100 meters from the water. When temperatures reach beyond 40°C, these buildings provide vantage points and much-needed relief from the sun.

Along the shore, there are also several tiny, ornate concrete buildings intended to give beachgoers privacy and shade.

Some constructions were created during the Ottoman era that dates back to the Islamic era and has 300-year-old remains. This beautifully designed warehouse will capture the heart of any history enthusiast. The finest location to take advantage of swimming chances is this hidden gem in the eastern section of the country.

Please note: It is crucial to keep in mind that tight dress codes are required by municipal laws, especially on public beaches.

Historical Significance:

Since the Stone Ages, Al-Uqair Port has served as the primary port for ancient civilizations. It was the first seaport in the Eastern Province. During the reign of Saudi Arabia's founding monarch King Abdulaziz, who developed the port and built numerous facilities nearby, the region saw a great deal of political and economic activity.

Due to a change in trade routes following the discovery of oil and the development of contemporary ports close to oil sources and other commercial markets, Al-Uqair has lost some of its significance.

The King Abdulaziz Foundation (Dara) was concerned with preserving the ancient port by examining its influence on politics, business, the military, and the arts. The first King used it as a base to meet with foreign ambassadors and hold talks with foreign political forces operating in the area.

Tourist attraction:

Due to its shallow varied topography, clear climate, sandy, and shiny beaches, and numerous bays and islands, the coast by the port are among the most stunning in the Kingdom. Throughout the year, Al-Uqair Beach draws tens of thousands of people from all across the Kingdom.

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Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

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