Dayal Bagh

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Dayal Bagh, which translates to 'Gardens of Mercy,' is a well-known neighbourhood next to the Yamuna River, the second-largest river in the world. The temple of Sant Satguru, the eighth Satguru, is well-known. He used to remain here for all of his 'satsangs.'

In the heart of Agra's bustling city life, there is a delightfully tranquil location known as Dayal Bagh, which covers an area of 4.5 sq km, and is the primary location for the Radhasoami Dayalbagh sect.

On January 20, 1914, Sir Anand Swarup, the fifth leader of the Radhasoami Faith, founded the colony as a place of solace for the followers of the faith.

The main edifice is a stunning 110-foot-tall tower made entirely of pure white marble. It combines elements of the mosque, temple, and gurudwara's architectural styles. It is possible to see pietra-dura inlaid marble work in progress. Construction on this structure has been ongoing for the past 100 years, and it is believed that it should never end.

Viewers come from around the world to Dayal Bagh to see this building. More than 3000 people live in this wonderfully designed, self-sufficient colony fashioned like an open garden.

But this gorgeous environment, resembling a garden, was once just sand dunes. The early Dayal Bagh residents voluntarily committed labour and money to the colony's construction. Since the beginning, the people of Dayal Bagh have put a lot of effort into creating this complete complex, with its residents living a wholesome, orderly, and cooperative lifestyle following the principles of their religion. Dayalbagh Educational Institute, a school associated with Dayalbagh University, is also in the community.

In addition, it has a medical facility and several small businesses that provide residents with a source of work. Dayal Bagh is home to numerous educational institutions, including the Radha Swami Institute, the Technical College, and the Women's Training College. The Radhasoami faith, practised by many people throughout India, is a sect run by numerous satgurus rather than a religion. The shrine is also known as Radhasoami Temple for this reason. The Radhasoami Faith's administrative headquarters are located in Soami Bagh, a popular tourist destination in Agra. Travellers are in for a treat when visiting this prominent location since they may learn about the Radhasoami Faith community's wonderful lifestyle.

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Radhasoami Satsang, Agra India

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