The capital of the Aseer region of Saudi Arabia, Abha is also a cultural capital. Located at the southern end of the Red Sea, Abha is a melting point of a variety of natural resources. Lakes, mountains, sea, you name it, you have it!

This favorite tourist destination of the locals and foreigners has a rich history and was popular amongst the caliphs of the Ottoman era too. The many forts of the region namely Bani Shehr, Bani Amr, and Bal-Ahmar are a testimony of the past. 

Abha is well-known for its attractions like Jabal Thera or green mountain that has a unique neon green grass, Shada Palace - the traditional palace-turned-museum, and Al Muftaha Village which is the area's bohemian art center. 

The Aseer National Park stands apart from its other counterparts due to its location which is a combination of coast, mountains, and desert. The Abha Dam and Lake are favorites for the locals and tourists for a quick getaway or a picnic. The adventurous souls find respite in Al Salam Park and Abu Kheyal Park. The many museums like Rijal Alma and Al Raqdi Museum of Abha provide insights into the area's history and the day-to-day life of the locals here. 

Modern city life dwellers find avenues like Al Rashid Mall and Souq Al Thulatha to indulge in shopping and entertainment. All-in-all Abha packs a powerful punch of activities, attractions, and avenues for every tourist. more more
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Helpful tips for Abha

- Keep your passport handy while traveling on public transport - Respect the culture, traditions and privacy of people at all times.
Helpful Tips for Abha

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