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Flights to Fes

Fes was Morocco's capital for more than 400 years and is still an important religious and cultural center today. The old walled part of the city, known as Fes El Bali, was founded in the 9th century. It is filled with elaborate architecture and best explored on foot. Other highlights include the Chaouwara Tanneries, the Merenid Tombs, the Sultanate palace of Dar el-Makhzen and the Mellah or Jewish Quarter. Book cheap air tickets to Fes and hotels with Rehlat – one of the fastest growing travel companies in the Middle East. Save money with lowest fares on Fes flight tickets and enjoy your air travel.

Things to Do & Popular Places in Fes

Don’t Miss Fes Attractions

The smells, the chaos, the confusion, the colors are all around as you seem to stumble from narrow alley to a narrow alley in the souk. Although narrowing Morocco's plethora of incredible destinations down to a top 10 list is difficult, no trip to the North African nation would be complete without a visit to Fes. In particular, Fes is packed full of colorful bazaars, breathtaking palaces, and bustling town squares. Fes is also famous for its natural beauty, from the golden beaches of seaside towns like Essaouira and Asilah to the magnificent arid landscapes of the Sahara Desert. In Fes, the possibilities for adventure are endless.

Best Shopping Malls

To shop, or even browse, in Fes requires large doses of patience, humor, or money -- preferably all three. In Fes, you can find whole streets of artisans devoted to just one specific trade. Woodwork, babouches (slippers), jewelry, tailored clothing, leatherwork, pottery, mosaic tiling, brass and copperware, cotton and silk weaving, drums -- all can be bought direct from the factory, so to speak.

Food and Dining in Fes

The choice of dining options in Fes reflects the culture of the city's two distinct areas. Within the ancient walled city, authentic Moroccan food is the cuisine of choice, with only the setting, ambience, and price being the difference. Out in the ville nouvelle is a surprisingly small selection of restaurants with a range of cuisines and settings.

Transportation in Fes

The city is well connected with an airport, and ONCF railway station which has a network connecting Oujda to the east, while Tanger and Casablanca to the west. One of the easiest ways to get around is to use the red taxis to take you to the nearest gate (bab) and then walk from there until you get your bearings. Gates are all around the city and taxis are cheap.

Fes Airport Information

Saiss Airport or Fes-Saiss Airport is the major mode of connecting the capital city of the Fes-Boulemane region of Morocco to the rest of the earth. It has a capacity to hold nearly 500,000 passengers yearly. The airport serves to few major airlines namely Air Arabia Maroc, Jetairfly, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Air Maroc Express, Ryanair, and Vueling. It also serves to operate seasonal flights to Paris-Orly through the Transavia France Airline. The airport facilitates all the VIP’s to the city with world-class amenities.

Local Transportation To & From Fes Airport

If you do not have too much luggage, you can take a bus. It goes from the airport to the main train station. If you go from Fez to the airport, the bus stop is on the left of the entrance to the train station. If you are up for a local challenge after your journey, choose a taxi. Buses and taxis also run in the city from different corners to the station as well as the airport.

Fes Airport AddressSaiss Airport or Fes-Saiss Airport,
Aéroport Fes Saïss Oulad Tayeb
Maroc، Fes 30000
Ph: +212 5228-74366