Cheap Flights to Addu City

Flights to Addu City

Addu Atoll is a heart-shaped island on the southern edge of the Maldives and is home to probably the brightest corals in the nation. Addu Atoll is frequently called as Addu City. Addu City is a second largest city of Maldives after Male. Addu City is filled with sweeping landscapes, a number of tourist attractions and coconut trees. Take a flight to experience your wonderful vacation in Addu City. Get your Addu City flight bookings on Rehlat and experience the cost-effective flight.

Things to Do & Popular Places in Addu City

Don’t Miss Addu City Attractions

Addu City comprises of numerous attractions especially for nature loving tourists and for those who are really fond of photography. All the panoramic view of the lush green valley and rivers and the blue watered coastlines makes a perfect click adding to a favorite travel album. Koagannu, the Mosque of the Judge, and the Meedhoo Island are must visit places of the big list. This place is a rich choice for spa treatment and the healing culture that includes the traditionally extracted coconut oil and different types of medicinal leaves known to heal all minor joint pains.

Best Shopping Malls

Shopping is one amongst the favorite activities for tourists. You can find shops selling clothing and footwear in high proportion. Also, you can find everything from perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and electronics and much more. 3S Supermarket, Checkmark, Login, Root Addu and STO Hulhumeedhoo are the few featured shopping malls in Addu City.

Food and Dining in Addu City

Addu is most famous for its unique dishes prepared from locally produced ingredients. Addu Havaadhu and Addu Bendi are the most famous cuisine of the city. There are numerous restaurants scattered around the city. Taro, papaya, breadfruit, plantain, and mangoes are the main ingredients of sweet dishes. The city mostly uses locally caught fishes like tuna, trevally, merlin, and wahoo. Apart from these, snacks are a big part of food culture in Addu City. In addition to the local food taro chips, breadfruit chips, and spicy tuna flavored chips are the famous local snacks.

Transportation in Addu City

Normally, the Islands are joined with boulevards. The Addu Link Road joins all the four islands namely Gan, Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, and Feydhoo. The Addu Link Road is well-known as the second longest street in the Maldives. The Ferries and cruises are alternatives thoroughly operated and selected as the best modes of commutation by the tourists. You can rent bicycles or scooters also. Taxis are available throughout the city.  You can find buses and ferries to explore the city.

Airport Information Addu City

Gan International Airport (IATA: GAN, ICAO: 4E) lies on the southern edge of the country situated on the Island of Gan in Addu Atoll, Maldives. Presently this airport is owned and managed by Addu International Pvt Ltd. It is the main airport for the remote travelers. The terminal is equipped with necessary amenities.

Local Transportation To & From Addu City Airport

You can opt for any of transportation facilities such as bus, taxis, rental cars, or any private vehicle to reach the airport.

Addu City Airport Address

Gan International Airport,
Gan, Addu City 19070,
Ph: +960 689-8010