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Mayotte is a French island country, it is off east Africa and situated between Madagascar and Mozambique. It is part of the Comoro Islands and encompasses several small islands. The city is nature’s treasure trove with wonderful tropical scenery. Its lagoons are its main attraction. Book your Mayotte flights with Rehlat – One of the fastest growing online travel companies in the Middle East and save big on your Mayotte flight bookings.

Things to Do & Popular Places in Mayotte

Don’t Miss Mayotte Attractions

Explore the Chissioua Mbouzi, a small island covered with tropical dry forest, with numerous species of plants endemic to Mayotte, there are also some 750 brown lemurs living wildly here too. The Baobab of Musical beach is as much an attraction as is the beach itself. Locals call the baobab tree, ‘the tree of life’ because of its numerous advantages; the baobab tree at Musicale beach is notable especially because it is the largest in the Island with a circumference of 28m. The Rouaka and Soulou Falls are gorgeous waterfalls to visit, while the beaches, including N’Gouja, Ilot de Sable Blanc, Mtsamboro and Baobab of Musicale beach, will perfect a visit to Mayotte with great relaxation spots.

Best Shopping Malls

Mayotte is well developed with many malls, stores, and markets, where you can find out the rich selection of world class outlets from exclusive designer stores. The city is famous for making clothes, perfumes, accessories, and jewelleries. Mayotte is also famous for pottery, rugs, weavings, and art work.

Food and Dining in Mayotte

Mayotte is a dependable option for foodies, as it is dotted with a variety of restaurants serving the traditional tastes of authentic Mayotte dishes at competitive prices. No matter what Mayotte entertainment venue you choose, you'll never spend a dull night! Visitors can find some of the best Iloilo concert venues, nightlife, restaurants and more in the city’s casinos and resorts that also offer gambling feature table games, poker, slots, bingo, spas and golf courses.

Transportation in Mayotte

Mayotte is well connected with a large number of transportation options like buses, trains, taxis, and boats to get around the city and neighboring places. It will take around 20 minutes to reach the Dzaoudzi–Pamandzi International Airport from the centre of the city. Commuter buses, shuttle van, and jeepney services operate at various land transport terminals in the City and its outskirts.

Airport Information Mayotte

Dzaoudzi–Pamandzi International Airport is located to the east of the Grande-Terre in the main island of Mayotte, and sits on the southern tip of Petite-Terre Island. It acts as the main hub for Ewa Air and serves largely with airlines namely African Express Airways, Air Austral, Air Madagascar, Air Mauritius, Comores Aviation, and Kenya Airways. The airport is packed with many tiny buildings utilised for departure services, arrivals terminal, control tower and freight hanger. The passengers can travel to and from the city to the airport by car which is around 4km from Dzaoudzi.

Local Transportation To & From Mayotte Airport

If one arrived in Iloilo from the airport, aside from the train, there are also shuttle services that will get one to the city. The other modes of Iloilo transportation available to the visitor are jeepneys, tricycles, taxis, and buses. One has been to Mayotte before and knows where to find a particular place, then the jeepney or the tricycle for short distances is an affordable option.

Mayotte Airport AddressMultiauto Aeroport de Mayotte,
Aeroport de Dazoudzi Pamandzi,
Pamandzi-Dzaoudzi 97610,
Phone:+262 269 61 41 55