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Grenoble Flights

Plan a trip to Grenoble, a self-styled city with the beautiful backdrop. Explore the charming historic city filled with a number of museums, natural parks, and urban tourist attractions. Grenoble is a city in France nestled between Isère Valley and French Alps. Book your flights to Grenoble and explore from city’s cobblestone streets to green spaces. Rehlat offers you Grenoble flights at cheapest fares on its website. Rehlat is the fastest growing travel company in the Middle East. Rehlat offers special fares, deals, and discounts on every Grenoble flight bookings frequently. Witness the amazing lowest airfares only with Rehlat.

Things to Do & Popular Places in Grenoble

Don’t Miss Vieille Ville

Grenoble is the excellent starting point to explore whole French Alps. Vieille Ville is a must visit attraction in the city to explore the city. It is delightful with full of old houses in narrow cobblestone lanes, shopping streets, and lively squares. It is a main hub for the science and research centre of the country. Most of the city is occupied by the student citizens. The other tourist attractions of the city include Musée de Grenoble, Fort de la Bastille, Musée Archéologique Grenoble-Saint Laurent, Museum of the Resistance, Jardin des Dauphins, Le Magasin and much more. Hiking, climbing, and skiing are quite enjoyable activities in the city.

Best Shopping Malls

Experience an authentic shopping in Grenoble. Grand'Place and Galeries Lafayette are the popular departmental stores in Grenoble where you can find designer clothing, food halls, and fun centers. If you are a chocolate lover you must head to Chocolaterie Bochard to purchase the best chocolate specialties of the region. The city houses narrow streets filled with boutiques, chain-stores, and outlets. Find rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry items at Wegelin in the city. Zara, H&M, Mango, Fromagerie Le Appages, La Caserne de Bonne, C&A, Gant, Kookai, and New-look are the other popular shopping destinations in Grenoble.

Food and Dining in Grenoble

Grenoble has abundant of restaurants that offer delicious and typical dishes. Some of the must-try specialties of Grenoble include Crozets, Foei gras, Chartreuse, Charcuterie, Ratatouille and much more. Also, taste the French, Italian and pizzerias. Halles Sainte-Claire is a huge enclosed market where you can find fruits, vegetables, tasty food, pastries and much more. Enjoy the delicious haute cuisine accompanied with a selection of tasty wines. Enjoy the authentic nightlife in the city, as you can find a number of pubs, clubs and other entertainment alternatives in Grenoble.

Transportation in Grenoble

It is incredibly easy to access the city using bicycles, trams, buses, trains, and taxis. The city has four tram lines. Visitors of tourists can buy/rent the bikes. As the Grenoble is the flattest city, it has dedicated bike paths. You can buy bus tickets when boarded the bus. While for the tram, you need to buy the tickets beforehand. You can find the machines to buy the tickets for trams at the trams stops. The bus network has 4 night and 25 regular lines as well as other special buses. Mostly trams and buses run from 5 AM to 1 AM. You can find the schedules and occasional delays at every bus and tram station.

Airport Information Grenoble

Grenoble–Isère International Airport is the airport serving Grenoble. The airport is located 40 km northwest of the city. A number of airlines are operating out of the airport to many destinations across the world. The airport is equipped with a number of facilities such as Wi-Fi, hotels, bar, restaurants, outlets, post office, hospital, check-in desks, payment terminals, cafes and much more.

Local Transportation To & From Grenoble Airport

Passengers can reach the airport by taxi, minibus or limousine. Passengers can call and book the taxi in advance. Also, there are a number of car hire firms available at the airport. Passengers can take the car rentals to reach the Grenoble airport. Some resorts are offering bus shuttles to reach the airport. Otherwise, tourists can take a taxi or public transportation from resorts.

Grenoble Airport AddressAlpes–Isère Airport,
38590 Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs,
Ph: +33 4 76 65 48 48